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FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020


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Dear genealogist,

As a result of the Covid-19 virus spreading throughout the world, France has implemented safety precaution measures, agreed upon at the national level, in order to protect its citizens. We hereby inform you of the specific measures we have taken to ensure the continuity of our operations.

How do we go about this?
The safety of the Heredis Team is our priority, which is why:

  1. All employees are now working from home. Teleworking is part of our standard practices and organizational culture. We have the tools and security systems required to work from home and operate as usual.
  2. To follow the recommendation of the World Health Organization, all employees have received instructions on how to lower their risks of contracting the virus, on the measures to implement if they become infected or if they are exposed to someone who has been infected.

We hope that, on your end, you are also taking care of yourselves by staying home!

With this in mind, we invite you to participate in the Heredis Challenge starting today and for the next 15 days!

What does the challenge consist of? It's easy peasy! During this time period, you are challenged to accomplish as many actions as possible from the list below so as to polish your genealogical work, then relay this challenge on social networks by mentioning the following hashtag in your posts: #ChallengeHeredis.

  1. Save your genealogical data! We'll never say it often enough but it is crucial to save an extra copy of your family tree on another drive than your computer's. How to? It's very simple, follow our instructions.
  2. Enjoy online archive collections: yep, take advantage of being stuck at home to visit digital archives you have not had time to consult so far and do it directly from Heredis!
  3. Study population census records. They will supply information on your ancestors' places of residence, on the persons who lived under their roof… You will then be able to geolocate these place subdivisions thank to Heredis 2020's new tool!
  4. Publish your genealogy on Heredis Online and share it with your family: now is the time to develop your relatives' interest into your work, since they, too, are bound to spend more time at home. It will give them the opportunity to discover your family history on your Heredis website or on Facebook if you simply share the link to access it! Learn more on Heredis Online.
  5. Email a designed chart to your children or grandchildren! There is no better time than now. Share your family tree with them, from wherever you are. Learn everything there is to know on how to create a designed chart and edit it as a pdf file for Windows and Mac (create a designed chart and print it).
  6. Complete all searches for a generation. With this feature, Heredis will display, for each generation, indicators of progress concerning the persons found and the level of completion of their major events - birth, marriage, and death. Set yourself a goal such as finding the last two certificates still missing for Generation 6!
  7. Scan your old photos and import them into Heredis! Time to learn more on how to manage media in Heredis.
  8. Learn more on one of your European ancestors and consult the Heredis Online database where a lot of data - notably for France - is available for free!
  9. Print a book on your genealogy and gift it: Heredis allows you to do so automatically!

The coronavirus epidemic is disrupting our everyday lives, forcing us to shift our priorities. Its magnitude and characteristics are unprecedented, with major, growing consequences. We have been receiving many kind messages from all of you, for which we are most grateful! We wish you the best for the days to come and hope you are taking good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Please feel free to reach out to our Client Service with any question using our Contact Form.

The entire Heredis team is looking forward to hearing from you soon. Now more than ever, take good care of yourselves.

Heredis en télétravail

Heredis Team Homeworking


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